Unlisted: 2019 Volunteer Positions

A new year dawns for Friends of the Simpson Desert Parks. With the new year comes the 2019 Annual General Meeting and all the positions of the Committee will be declared vacant.

As many members may know Chris Wenham (our President for the past 6 years) has advised of his intention to stand down at the March 2019 AGM.

It has been Chris’ second stint at the helm. He has overseen an extensive amount of Projects during that time and a greater amount during his first Presidency in 1999 to 2003. Chris has been a member of FOS since 1987 and has seen the accomplishment of many worthwhile and significant projects under his leadership. We hope his knowledge and expertise will continue with FOS into the future as we are becoming very short of people with skills and knowledge in areas of FOS history, cultural significance, research, environmental issues and in particular, emphasis on the fragile and unique fauna and flora of the area in which we work.

We are seeking to fill all the Positions Vacant and call for nominations.

For each of the following positions, you may find the attached job description. If you are interested in applying for any of the advertised positions, please forward your application to Lesley Hunkin <[email protected]>